Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can I improve the casual conversation?

This morning I was listening to recording about approachability. I learned some really cool concepts. Have you ever asked anyone about their weekend? Usually they will relate what they did. "We worked on the yard and had a family barbecue", and our general response is, "Oh I like to barbecue" or "I went to a movie" or something else that makes the conversation about you. Well in order to be more approachable and engage the other person more deeply, I suggest that you make sure to ask three more questions. When you are more willing to listen to the other person you strengthen that relationship very quickly. After the third question and response you have permission to talk about yourself. Make sure however, to get contact information. Once you return to your office or home, you want to send a handwritten note referencing the conversation and how it was good to meet or talk to your new friend. What a great way to improve upon the casual conversation and take your game to the next level. A great reference is the book by Scott Ginsberg, "Hello My Name is Scott".