Friday, October 24, 2008

West Valley Testimonial

Hello Rolando. I hope all is well with you and your family.

I told you I would send you a testimonial (many moons ago) and I wanted to follow up on that. Here it is:

I was having trouble selling my home with another realtor after the mortgage industry started to collapse. My previous realtor recommended an inflated asking price that got me really excited, and then my home sat on the market for 6 months with little activity. As the mortgage industry collapsed, the number of qualified buyers was decreasing as were home values. I researched active realtors in my area and ones who really understands different parts of town who also had a lot of experience. After speaking to several realtors, I chose Rolando Gill. I asked him to give me an honest asking price that would sell my home within 90 days. He gave me the price, showed me comparables in the neighborhood and how it stacked up. He also recommended different financing options to consider and what direction the buyers market was going. This was one of many signs that he understood the market in order to best position his sellers. He also recommended that we change some of the interior paint colors to more neutral ones that would appeal to more buyers. He even put me in touch with a quality painter and even followed up to make sure they did a good job. Rolando went the extra mile again to provide names of lawn service companies that could maintain my lawn. He helped me yet again with repairs after the inspection. Rolando is a hard worker, and always goes the extra mile. Well, let me tell you that his knowledge and experience paid off. I had several offers and closed it within 90 days, even with the difficult market conditions. Many thanks to Rolando and his team for making my selling experience as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. I would highly recommend Rolando Gill to my family and friends, and to you.


Juan Carlos