Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The secret to having a successful business.

Businesses have been surveyed and the results were that successful businesses had high sales and unsuccessful business had low sales. Therefore it can be assumed that sales are important to business success. Individuals are responsible for sales and successful sales people are people that are willing to risk rejection and ask for business. People that are willing to risk rejection and ask for business are typically people that have high self confidence and self esteem. So my conclusion is that in order to have a successful business and have a high amount of sales you must have individuals that have high self esteem and self confidence. I was having this discussion with Greg and he asked, "Well how do you create high self esteem?" I thought he was joking and then realized that there are probably quite a few people that do not know the answer to this question. An individual can raise their level of self esteem and self confidence by keeping promises. But not just any promises. Promises to themselves. Those insignificant promises like, I will make the bed every morning or I will get up at 5:00 am every morning and workout. Even as you read this you understand at a visceral level that it is true. You know that if you were to keep promises to yourself you would feel better about yourself and your ability to keep your commitments. If you felt better about your ability to keep your commitments you would make larger commitments and bigger promises. If you made bigger promises and kept them you would feel better about yourself regardless of the outcome and you would have improved self esteem. I am making some promises TODAY!!

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